Hold On for Dear Life, Dear

Thrice recently I’ve experienced being in the presence of people who have felt that all hope was gone. One even uttered that faith had been lost. To hear that and see another human being at that point because of the trials of life is heartbreaking. I know it’s easy often to think people should just “get over it”, “move on”, “pray about it”, “deal with it” or “simply smile”, but sometimes some people can’t. And many times that’s why God allows them and their hurt, pain or issues to cross our paths so they can partake in a big dose of our encouragement. They don’t need judgment, tons of questions or questioning, just genuine care, channels for conversation, ample prayers, sincere support, plenty of testimonies and a couple of opened ears and an available heart to hear them.

So, if that’s you dear, hold on for dear life. Don’t quit. Don’t lose faith. Don’t believe the lie that joy, peace and hope aren’t your option. Don’t feel like you are all alone. Don’t believe that hope serves no purpose. Don’t think that you are the only one dealing with what you’re dealing with. Don’t think you’ve done anything to deserve the temporary transition you’re in. Don’t believe that one dream denied cancels all others. Don’t think you are not loved, needed and necessary. Don’t think your life is no longer of use. Don’t believe one person in (or out of your life) determines the quality of your life. And whatever you do, don’t believe anything your head tells you that doesn’t line up with the notion that BETTER is yours.


Hold on for dear life, dear. Hold on.



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