The Fowl Are Just Fine (We Will Be Too)

I was up on a Sunday morning considering (not worrying, not consumed, just considering) some pending things I need the Lord to do for me soon and with celebration-worthy certainty. Like most of life, these things were things which are totally out of my hands, making them out of my control. (After all these years I still want things to be in my control…LOL!)
My quite time was interrupted by loud sounds of chirping and quacking. I looked outside in the front yard and backyard to see several different black birds, mallard ducks and geese having Sunday breakfast compliments of whatever my ground was providing. They were having a blast waddling around munching on whatever must have been within a grass blades reach. They were in several parts of my yard. I left to go to church, which was about two hours after I first heard them, and sure enough they were STILL eating. In fact, three of them had decided to plop down picnic style right at the edge of my side lawn and just chill.


It hit me. God will not allow others (birds, ducks, geese or anything else) to dine sufficiently in my presence without making sure I’m able to feast as abundantly in His, and off of what’s His. The funny thing about the whole fowl scene is that the place these animals found plenty is the place I woke up contemplating. And that’s what to do about my concerns regarding my house. (Blog post coming soon.) Seeing them so sure of all being well was a reminder right before my eyes of Matthew 6, and the fact that all is already well.


That’s good news! It reminds me of the undeniable fact that God’s got this, that, them, you and me too!!!!
The moral of this message: The fowl are just fine and we will be too. (Now go quack on that.)


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