Simple Satisfactions


I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I can be over-the-top. That’s over-the-top as in the best, most unassuming, harmless, southern, sometimes spoiled kind of way of course. I like things big, flashy, special, sparkly and fancy. I believe I always have, and, at 43, I likely always will. But today I’m going to take a cue from Guy and “just chill”.

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Well, this weekend, I’m in the midst of some Saturday satisfactions. There’s nothing major on my calendar (for three weeks running), and I am surprisingly okay with that. I’m not surprised at how much of my home, my life, and my blessings I’d missed, forgotten or overlooked while immersed in times more busy.


My world-famous French toast

There’s nothing like settling down or slowing down that allows one to see, feel, and really know just how great life really is. And life really is great when I take the time to realize it. So today as I peck out a blog post, prepare to devour my world-famous french toast with a hint of the perfect pairing of rum and orange flavoring, watch a few flicks on Netflix , and the Cooking Channel, relax with loved ones, stare at the dust on the bookshelf and not do a thing about it, listen to the ducks serenade me, light up a couple of scented candles with varying scents, flounce around in too little leggings and BREATHE I’m more determined than ever to be simply satisfied with the simple satisfactions in life.

I hope your day offers you equal satisfaction in ways you never imagined. Happy Saturday, guys and dolls!



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