Dyron’s Lowcountry: Brunch Done Right

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This post will be one of few words. Why? I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and hopefully you’ll take my few words and find out for yourself. There’s this little jewel of a dining experience nestled in the heart of Mountain Brook, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, called Dyron’s Lowcountry. I first introduced you to it in my blog post The Deliciousness That is Dyron’s (read it and eat) after being introduced myself during a Girls Night Out which turned into a foodatopia.

Two days later I somehow found myself back at Dyron’s indulging in brunch with my sister and mom.  Shame, I know. But I just couldn’t help myself. Like a warm bed on a cold, rainy night with fresh from the dryer linen Dyron’s was calling me back. And I answered. The brunch did not disappoint, dahlin’!

Starting with flaky, tender biscuits and wedges of ice cold butter…

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