What If “What If” Never Is?

Now’s the time for us to call it QUITS with fear. #nofearhere #allfaith

Life Gets Better


I’ll be honest and say that “what if” has had me be unfaithful to my faith one time too many. “What if” is a mess, a mess I tell you! I am a Christian, and I profess to have faith in God to do exceedingly, abundantly ALL I could ask or think. But still, those two gigantically small words “what if” sometimes seem to sneak into my testimonies trying to wreak havoc that isn’t even guaranteed.

Concept of fearless

This week alone, I’ve spoken with two dear loved ones. Both are facing or have faced health challenges, and both have entertained the company of the dreaded “what if”. As I empathetically listened to them voice their concerns (also known as fears) I reflected on own my life, days distant and days like yesterday where “what if” invaded my space and my faith. I, like them, have done the “Tango”, “The Bump” and the…

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