This Girl’s Gotta Have It

Life Gets Better


The older I get the more I’m learning more about me. I like the fact that I’m starting to take the time to recognize, accept and even appreciate some things about me that might have always been there, but I’m only now paying attention to. Chatting with my sister, as we giggled about our “must have lists” she asked, “Do you think our list would be weird to most people.” I told her I “didn’t know.” So why don’t you take a peek and tell me what you think.

This girl’s gotta have:

  • A tube of green, medicated Chapstick and some Maybelline mascara.
  • A testimony ready to share of how God has changed your life.
  • A trendy denim jacket.
  • Snacks in my purse and at my office (preferably peanuts, oatmeal or a granola bar).
  • A pair of black flats at work.
  • A pair of flip-flops, heels and flats in my car.
  • A few…

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