To Tell the Truth

I was talking to an acquaintance about a concern regarding a not-to-be named shared acquaintance. And yes, I was talking, not gossiping. (I hope.) Anywho, I was expressing some varied thoughts of mine and others, hoping to gain some insight on how to best move forward when the person on the receiving end of my conversation posed a question. It was deep. It was soul-stirring. It was scary. These words were uttered…”Have you thought about sharing your concerns actually with (not-to-be named shared acquaintance)?”

The truth of the matter is that I had not thought of sharing the concerns. Shocking, I know. I’d thought that I would just grin and bear it, whisper a little prayer hoping things would get better and chug along business as usual. But why? Why was I afraid (there I said it) to tell the truth knowing that my concerns were from a place of pure and sincere intentions? Why wasn’t I certain of the depth of our association being enough to sustain even a tough conversation? Why was I willing to just grin and bear it before trying to grin and share it?


Wouldn’t I want to know if my slip was showing or my teeth were dirty, my associations were bad or my actions dangerous? Wouldn’t I need to know if I talked too much, not enough, at the wrong times or to the wrong people? Wouldn’t I want to know if someone knew something I needed to know? Wouldn’t it be easier to tell the truth in love, and allow the possibility of change or adjustments than to run… figuratively and literally? Wouldn’t the purpose of a rooted relationship of any kind be to be able to share things, even those things deemed not soon lovely? Wouldn’t it be the best thing at the end of the day to tell the truth?

So, one day soon I plan to tell the truth….after I take a few deep breaths, script out my words, rehearse them several times, call for back up, back out of it, proceed again and whisper another little prayer. Stay tuned. A post is soon to come.



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