I Have Nobody

Sitting in the waiting room of an outpatient surgery center waiting on a loved on to come out of surgery and we happen upon a young man who looks to be in his mid-20s. He’s quietly sitting alone with his belongings in a plastic grocery bag, amongst the chatter and whispers of the others and me. I notice the band around his wrist noting that he must be there for surgery. 

As we continue our morning chit-chat we hear him exclaim out of nowhere, “I have nobody! I have nobody wiling to come sit with me for this knee surgery I’ve waited on for eight years!” We make eye contact. He screams, “I’ve never done anything to deserve this, having nobody to help me!!! I have nobody!!!!!! This is the worst day of my life!!!” His thumb is quickly scrolling, his eyes fluttering, while his index finger sends what looks to be text message after text message trying to find someone to come. He kerosene calling and texting.

In that moment a feeling in my stomach rises to my throat filled with sorrow for him, gratitude for the ever-present loved ones on my life and even more sorrow for him as we all pitch idea after idea to try to help, none of which has resulted on someone coming to simply show him that they care. I could cry. I will later.

As I type and peep out of my left eye at him I’m praying someone shows up. I’m also praying and thanking the Lord for people who care for me abd those who allow me to care for them. I’m also believing that in this moment, with a room filled with people from every walk of life trying to help him find an answer to his problem that this young man knows that Jesus cares when no one else cares. You are loved in case you didn’t know.

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