That’s a WHOLE Lotta Chicken

I’m a huge fan of southern soul food. That means I love fried chicken! The sweet tea-brined fried chicken sandwich from Whole Foods made this Bama Belle happy, y’all!


Whole Foods is known for a lot of things. All kinds of food, organic foods, gluten free foods, a great atmosphere, upscale shopping, crazy good pizza, a hot bar with great lunch and dinner options, fresh baked desserts, assorted fresh seafood, and pastries and amazing fruit and cheese samples (of which I partake a plenty). For me, Whole Foods in Birmingham, Alabama is also known for the little “restaurant” in the middle of the prepared food section where a chef with a big smile and fierce culinary skills cooks up all kinds of delights right before your eyes.

I’ve sampled a few items on their menu. Trust me. They do not disappoint. My favorite by far is their fried chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. As I type this blog post I realize it’s been far too long since I’ve treated myself to this treat. The first thing that drew me in…

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