I Had a Dream

I had a dream, and no, it was not because of the grilled fish and turnips I ate for dinner…

I had a dream that I was living in a Hampton’s style neighborhood connected to a LARGE resort hotel called the Wynfrey, but nothing like the one we have here.
Rikki Ross​, Edith Arms​, Kristalyn Lee​, Nishia Elizabeth Ross​ and Charmel Taylor​ were all there. Charmel, Edith and Kristalyn asked me to borrow $10 cash for something we needed as we were checking in (which means I had cash MONEY and they all knew it…Yippee!!!).
Edith left me in the lobby after she got her $10 and hollered as she sashayed off that she was going to her “Penthouse”. (And she did!)
Rikki, had her own Hampton’s style townhouse and had cooked a dinner so delish that my Mama drove from her own Hampton’s style house to Rikki’s gorgeous pad to pick up her previous night’s leftovers to snack on (Shocking, I know!)
Charmel checked in in a CUTE ski-like ensemble then disappeared in a black, stretch Escalade with her boo. (We waved, cabbage patched and blew kisses as they pretended not to see us behind those dark, dark windows. We saw them!)
Nishia was planning to host her parents at her house where we pulled up to find the ENTIRE extended family there sitting out on her porch grilling like we were in West End instead of this fru-fru place my mind concocted (That means her house was huge! And it was!).
Kristalyn must have been married or dating someone because she left me on the way to my house literally skipping to his (or their) house and even turned down shrimp scampi because she was in a rush (Shocking, I know!).
And I…well, I too must have been married. I lived in a BIG house with a salon and personal hair stylist connected to my home (in sort of an in-law suite fashion) because my face-unseen, deep voiced gentleman told me to run over and get a new hair cut if I wanted to so I did. And as I did I watched women and children come in and out of the salon connected to my Hampton’s house with Louis Vuitton luggage.

Whew! I need to go back to sleep and get some more of that dreamy goodness. Some things I know for sure…
-I love my family and friends and want them to thrive, grow, get, give, prosper and kick it like nobody’s business!
-God is speaking and I just need to listen.
-Maybe not exactly as dreamed but something big is going to happen to, and through those I love and me (vacations, material coverings, life-long coverings (there is a difference you know), family fun, and blessings to share with others).
-God has a sense of humor and a loving way of sending sweet reminders.
-And that grilled fish was tasty!



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