If You Want It Ask For It

I had an acquaintance from college who was notorious for being a chameleon (also known as easy breezy, amenable, nonchalant, and a bunch of other phrases I would say but I’m not sure he’s not somewhere wherever he is in this great, big world right now reading this blog post. I doubt it. But you never know.). Anywho, this former associate could “go with the flow” like nobody’s business, which, often made him a great person to be around, but sometimes made him hard to read because his own thoughts regarding certain things weren’t always the first to show.


I think now about how many times I’ve followed in his footsteps, wanting more, different, better or just plain new and not being gutsy enough to say so. From requesting more money, to speaking up about unfair issues in the the world or my world, to having my say with matters of my heart, to being honest and saying “no” when someone asks me to do something I can’t or don’t want to do, to asking for help, or something as simple as saying I’d rather eat hot wings over hot dogs, I wonder how many times I, like a chameleon, have turned pink and blue and yellow or green just to fit the scene with which I’ve been.  I wonder how many times I’ve gone with the flow rather than ask for something else or speak up first with my thoughts, wants or hopes before I even allowed others to place me in my own concocted “back down” box. Probably too many times than this blog posts allows characters.

Growing up my Mama, who is my own personal sensei, would ask for anything. And by anything I mean anything. There was no trepidation about her politely, but assuredly asking for or speaking of that in which she wanted, desired, or felt she and hers deserved. And unlike some, she didn’t take it too far to the point of being a complainer or ungrateful.(Sidenote, I don’t do complainers really well.) No, my friend, she was just the opposite. Her notion was, and I literally quote, ” It won’t hurt to ask. All they can do is say no and no ain’t never killed nobody.”


So starting today, my “Mrs. Miyagi” will be proud to know that her “grasshopper” has gotten the memo, it’s duly noted and in full-effect. My ask is about to be on and popping.


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