Monkey Bread is Bananas!

Here’s a tasty treat from my page…



Monkey Bread is one of those treats that is as delicious to eat as it is funny to say. Just who thought of the name Monkey Bread anyway?

Monkey Bread is also a great way to bring your family into the kitchen cooking together and creating great memories. Try this quick recipe for this sweet treat that’s sure to make any day or holiday happier. The best part of this delight is that it’s oh, so easy to make and one of those dishes that you can eat straight from the cake pan, especially if you can’t wait, like I usually can’t.

Magnificent Monkey Bread 

3/4 Cup of sugar
1/4 Cup of brown sugar
1 stick of melted butter
2 cans of biscuits
Cup of pecans
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Preheat oven to 350F.
In a cake pan spread pecans evenly in the bottom of the pan.
In a bowl, mix your regular…

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