If I’m So Great Why Am I Single?

A near-midnight conversation with one of my dearest sister/friends reminded me of this post. It also assured me of the fact that in time, God’s perfect timing actually, what will be will be and I don’t want it (or him) one second sooner:)

Life Gets Better

“If I’m so great why am I single?”

WHAT the WHAT?!?!? Those were the words that popped into my mind when I had to do a double take at the television last year at the time of this posts initial posting, like I saw Idris Elba and Ronnie DeVoe walking down the street toward me. A young woman on the Steve Harvey Talk Show uttered those words and I nearly froze in my track.


She, like so many, had a simple question, “If I’m so great why am I single?” First off, she had a sincere desire to be married, sharing the rest of her life with someone. She was professional, poised, and accomplished. She was loving and kind. She was surrounded by great associations (who later offered their honest opinion as an answer to her pressing question). She had relinquished the previous timelines for her life she’d set. She wanted all…

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