The Chase #DestinationUnknown by Guest Blogger Kushuna Williams


I absolutely adore shirts that have positive and cool messages on them, just like the one I have on in the photo. Cute, uh?! I was very excited to sport my ‘Jesus Saves, Bro’ shirt at church while I stood at the front door with my tray of peppermint candy and greeted all the people coming to praise God.  I usually get my deepest revelations during church worship services….given this fact, one would think I would be there more consistently, ha.

There I was sitting and praying, chatting with God, reminding Him, that I still need a job in my field, that I would like help to prepare and pass my PHR certification, that my husband needed new clients, that I need to get more sales at my current job, yada, yada, etc, etc. THEN, God reminded me that 80% of my thoughts were consumed with finding a job in my field, passing my PHR, taking a class, reading a resume article, praying constantly about these things also. I could audibly hear a voice that suggested that I change my focus and chase God and not my career. It made such perfect sense. God used my sweet husband a couple of months ago to tell me a similar message, “change your focus, the thing you are chasing will come when you focus on something else.” Needless to say, I didn’t listen to him.

God promises us that He will provide for us, that we will not be forsaken, nor will we be forgotten. He constantly reminds us, that if He makes sure the birds and the fish eat (and they don’t tithe) won’t He do the same for His children. Sometimes I have to be told twice…. I had to make a  decision to change my thought process. There is nothing wrong with being career driven and setting attainable goals, but the only thing that should consume me is my love for God. I have to trust God and make investing time with Him a priority. I’m going to chase God, and I have no idea where the destination will lead, what I BELIEVE is that He will perfect everything  that concerns me and that it will  be a most interesting journey.  I guess my cute little Christian t-shirt is true….Jesus Saves, Bro #allday #everyday!

PS. If you want your own Jesus Saves shirt, checkout or @RileyClayDesigns on Instagram

XOXOXO – Kushuna

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