Step Right Up and Enjoy the Show


Hear ye! Hear ye! You are currently in the midst of the intermission of a COLOSSAL come back story! Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. You are. Yeah, you!

See, you thought the lights going out or coming back on to empty seats meant it was over. You thought because someone decided to get out of his or her row the show was not going to go on. You believed the closing of the curtain meant “The End.” Sike!


Surprise!!! It was only the beginning… a part two, an interlude, an intermezzo, a break, a reprieve, a respite, a scene change, a character shift, a cliff-hanger even. It’s a bunch of things, but it’s certainly not over.


So go right on and get back in position. Upgrade your props. Plan your after party. Print more tickets. Allow the Director to rearrange some plots. Allow the Director to rearrange some people. Refresh your face. Fire up the band. Round up the ushers. Roll out the red carpet. Pop the corn. Pose for paparazzi. Pour the Coke and step right up and enjoy YOUR show. After all you’ve been though so far, don’t dare think a single scene is going to waste. Oh no, the show must go on, my loves. And it only gets BETTER. I guarantee!



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