Life Has Left Me a Hustler

Hold up. Wait a minute. Before you read more into this blog post title allow me to clarify myself. I said “hustler”, not “hustla”. Despite how “interesting” times might have become since “I do” turned into “I don’t” or since career adjustments, unmet financial obligations from others, life’s surprises and the likes have come I’m still a lady so “hustler” it is. Even as I type, however, a popular rap song of some years ago comes to mind that definitely doesn’t apply to what I intend to express. (I can hear that flirty little melody in my mind…Get outta my head why don’t ya!) When I say “hustler” I mean one who is an enterprising or aggressive person determined to succeed. Yup, that’s me!


Now, with that cleared up I shall proceed…

Within the last five or more years I’ve discovered strengths, skills, techniques, creativity, chutzpah and gumption within me that I didn’t even know I had. Let’s be honest. I didn’t even want to have them! I guess I never knew I had it because at the time I didn’t need it. The Lord had my hustle on hold. He’s so sweet! Sure, I’ve been somewhat frugal some of my life. Certainly, I could find, fix or remix that which was old and make you believe it was new. Yes, I’ve been awakened too many nights to recall just to hear God tell me ideas and thoughts which were beneficial to whatever person, cause or job I was working on behalf of at the time. True, I’ve always been a very hard worker and organized trying to stay on top of my business and often helping others do the same. Yep, I’m a believer in the “early bird catches the blessings” so I rise at “o-dark thirty” and stay or stay up as late as I need to get things done. But of late, I’ve had a super-natural, God-given ability to pull some rabbits out of some proverbial hats I didn’t even know I had. And to top it off, God has gifted me with the most amazing support system of friends of old who are now new, friends who are new and are needed now, and family and loved ones who have been there for this adventure. And while many of them are too faced with what some might consider impossible obstacles, they bring with them a hustle that would make Memphis’ own Djay smile. My squad (I feel so urban saying that) can grind with the best of them in the best possible way!


So here I am embracing the newness of me and my hustle. The knock downs, nos and blows have turned out to be like a thirst-quenching fuel to my inner fire. In as much as I could do without them they light me up! And let me tell you, with the ferociousness in which those knock downs, nos and blows are coming just consider me lit! The most amazing part in all of that is that, while it appears that my strengths, skills, techniques, creativity, chutzpah and gumption are in vain, this newly revealed, daily remembered and nightly revved up hustler in me gets back up, buffs off her high heels, freshens her face, swoops her hair, lifts up her posse’, shouts out her Daddy (God) and gets back at it, again, and again, and again.



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