“My Image is Everything”

It’s #TBT and there’s no better time than the present to get a reminder from the past about the importance of our image:)

Life Gets Better


My fingers are on fire trying to get this post out. It may be a long one so buckle up:)

A lovely Sunday afternoon set on celebrating the upcoming nuptials of a close relative took an interesting turn when, at the restaurant we were hosting the event, two well-known reality stars took center stage. Outside of the initial shock of them even being present in Birmingham what ensued was even more shocking. I won’t name names, but will adjust them for your reading pleasure. Let’s just say that “Mother Cee” and “Faye, also known as Lucky” from a very popular reality show based out of Georgia were at a local seafood establishment. Uuuummmmm, how shall I say this? Their crew and the two “stars” (Mother Cee in particular), really acted unlady like on a Sunday afternoon in broad open daylight for dozens and dozens to see or hear about!

There was shouting. There was…

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