It’s a Most Wonderful Time of the Year

With just six short minutes before the opening shot of the first broadcast of ESPN’s College Game Day I’m up like a child anticipating the first day of school to show off her new pair of Duck Heads, Sebago’s, Neon Bracelets and Member’s Only jacket. I’m up, having already prepped my Rotel dip. I’m up, having already planned my grocery list. I’m up because I’m excited about the return of college football, especially the world-renown University of Alabama Crimson Tide. #RollTide


Hold up, wait a minute. The show’s about to come on. I’m starting to feel all giggly on the outside and tingly on the inside. Yay! They just showed the Crimson Tide! Oh, look, there’s Desmond Howard. He looks so cute in blue! Welcome to the team Rece Davis. People, please bear with me for a moment of silence in honor of the start of 14 weeks of Saturdays in the south, and beyond…


Whew! I’m back. Okay. Today is such a special day. For me it marks the return of fall and all the festive-ness it has to offer. It marks the return of waving and winking to virtual strangers in the grocery store, while pumping gas, or while walking to your car from church. It marks a time when men and women, boys and girls, red, yellow, black, brown, white and all the beautiful colors of the human rainbow find commonality in a time when commonality is certainly needed. It marks a time of firing up a grill or rolling out a cooler on the Quad, and reminiscing with old friends about college days, and the mayhem that ensued. It marks a time for me of Thursdays and Fridays turning into menu and wardrobe planning in my mind and Mondays into healthy trash talking from whomever lost to whomever won. It marks a time where, fall shows us the beauty of change and harvest, and winter shows us the beauty of letting dying things go so we can be ushered into the season of rebirth and abundance. Today marks the advent of the return of college football (and all that comes along with it) and for so many and me that’s a most wonderful time of the year.


Let’s the games begin! #RollTideRoll



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