www.angelaeatstheham.com: The Foods of Fall

I like food. That’s no secret, hence the Angela Eats the Ham food blog. I especially like food in fall. Now that Labor Day has come and gone here in the States, the white attire is retired and the boot shopping is beginning, the season for tailgating, family functions, holiday celebrations, Classic celebrations and the likes has also commenced.


A southern girl, born and bread, this time of the year is highlighted by foods which represent love, comfort, rich flavors and even more fulfilling memories. It’s also highlighted by extra trips to the gym and frequent wearing of spanks and tights (Hey, I’m just being real…LOL!) Take a peek below at some of my favorites so far as the foods of fall make their grand debut. The variety is wide, the stories behind them even more so, but one thing in common they are Good, Good, Good!

photo 1a
Baked spaghetti with ground beef, assorted cheeses and a special southern sausage. (My Mama would have a hissy if I told her secret ingredient.)
photo 2
My Sissy Kristy’s famous warm spinach and artichoke dip makes any game day a special one. Serve with Tortilla chips or crackers.
photo 2a
Southern salad fixings, perfect for your favorite mixed greens or 50/50 mix.
photo 2b (1)
Old Bay steamed shrimp from Publix take tailgating (or couch sitting) to the next level. Serve chilled or warm. Wanna get fancy? Have them steam up a few lobster tails:)
photo 2b (2)
My bonus sister Theresa’s Ranch chicken dip. Need I say more? Well, I will. Try with some garden herb crackers and get ready to break all kinds of dining rules of etiquette. It’s just that good!
photo 3
My Bestie Edith’s Buffalo Chicken Dip. It’s hot, hot, hot in all the best possible ways! (Hint, make extra if you’re a hungry bunch because this will go fast!)
photo 3a (1)
Stuffed Eggs with a special sprinkle of paprika on top carries the summer straight into the fall.
photo 3a (2)
Shark’s Fried Chicken done two ways, lemon pepper and simply southern:) We love fried chicken!
photo 4
More fried chicken, this time with a buffalo sauce which makes you scream Roll Tide, and scream for water at the same time.
photo 5
More chicken, this time unbattered with a spicy kick from Publix. I told you we love fried chicken!
photo 5a
Peach Cobbler from Aunt Ann’s kitchen. It speaks for itself, darling! (And she is not sharing her recipe.)

Now you know I’m not going to leave you recipe-less. Of course, Pinterest is the go-to for many of these tasty delights. The fried chicken, however, can be purchased from a Publix or Shark’s Chicken and Seafood near you. The shrimp is a Publix feature too. Enjoy your fall and all the wonderful food it brings along with it!


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