I Said “I Do” (to doing nothing)

I woke early this morning from a refreshing night’s sleep with a list of things I wanted to do, needed to do and planned to do on this chilly, Alabama Saturday. With full intent on accomplishing those things something happened mid-way between me adding an extra coat of barely black polish to my nails, enjoying my two slices of honey wheat toast and jam and where I am now which is snuggled up in my California King bed popping black, seedless grapes, sipping Publix purified water and blog posting while listening to the serenade of raindrops against the fallen autumn leaves and Tyrese from an available Spotify account. Something happened and that something just so happened to be nothing.


I put it off long enough, but today I decided to say “I Do” to a do-nothing day. This day has been chasing me, seeking me, and courting me like a gentleman one day soon worthy of my heart. Its pursuit has been relentless, teasing me with days which start off slow and speed up or tempting me with days which are busy in the beginning then wane in the end, but not in a very long time have I accepted the request of good sense to do nothing. That was until today.


My standard, chill day red Polo shirt with the permanent stain making its presence known just below the V-neck and grey leopard print tights will likely be the in-house attire of the day, all day. The pile of floral fresh clothes I washed Wednesday night and dried Thursday morning will remain on my taupe colored couch possibly until I feel like folding them next week (Shhhhh…don’t tell Angie (my Mama) that I’m leaving unfolded clothes out without a care.) The three light bulbs which need replacing over various parts of my house will remain dim. The luggage for a coming trip will remain empty at least for today. The clothes for the week will stay wrinkled until I iron them at another time. The $10 today only ponchos from Old Navy that I truly need will remain a need. The crumbled remnants of leaves on the carpet left by my last visitor will remain unvacuumed. The list of so many other things will remain a list. And I’m okay with that.


I’ve known the other side of busy where, because of life’s challenges, I’ve been bound to the bed, or unable to do what I wanted to, when I wanted to or how I wanted to. That was not a good look for your girl, but I learned so much from it about myself and others. I wholeheartedly believe that time of involuntary do-nothingness has been the fuel to my inner fire within the last several years to stay active and on the go because I’m simply grateful to be able to. BUT…now, I’m grateful also to be able to choose to do nothing free of guilt, free of worry, free of feeling/appearing lazy or even free of concern of how all my “it” will get done. As a single woman I’ve learned that “it” always happens and “it” always gets done. Somehow it just does. In the midst of all my “it”, taking time to rest, revive, pop grapes, peruse social media, talk on the phone like a teenager from the 80s, nap off and on like a newborn and swirl around my house singing my heart out to tracks number 4-5, 7-9, 12-14 on Tyrese’s Black Rose is about as productive as any day can be.


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