Sometimes I Don’t Want to Be Nice!!! (The Diddy-style Remix)


Sometimes I don’t want to be nice!!!

There I said it! There are days where my introversion tries to take over or the left over get-back-at-you girlhood remarks like “Child Please”, “Girl, Bye!” and “Honey Boom” try to creep up my esophagus and trickle out of my mouth like water from a flowing faucet. There are time I want to state my case to clear the air knowing clearing my air will dirty someone else’s. There are times where a sassy/snappy/witty comeback makes its way to my mind so fast I’m even astounded at the thought. There are times I want to take my more “vocal” friends up on their request to help me fight my battles but I can’t. I must be nice. Why?

  • Because the Bible tells me so.
  • Because my parents told me to.
  • Because I’m old enough at this point to know that it’s the right thing to do (especially when I don’t want to, and regardless of how it’s received.)
  • Because usually the people who I don’t want to be nice to are the ones who need it most.
  • Because I’m bigger than my emotions.
  • Because usually there’s a reason (pride, pain, hurt, frustration) behind every person’s personality that makes them the one that I don’t want to be nice to.
  • Because usually there’s also a reason (pride, pain, hurt, frustration) behind what’s in me that would make me not want to be nice.
  • Now this is extreme, but…Because orange is NOT my new black, boo. I can’t afford to spend any time behind anybody’s bars paying a price for not keeping my emotions in check. I’m far to prissy for prison. (Do you ever wonder what really happened to seemingly normal women and men who end up on those shows we shouldn’t be watching about how they ended up in jail and think, wow, what if they’d just decided to handle things a better way?)


I’ll say it again. Sometimes I don’t want to be nice, but I have to muster up the maturity to be that and more. It becomes comical often, when I’m faced with certain situations where I want to react based off of another’s actions. I can tell when the enemy is trying to tempt me and when God is testing me to show the devil the return on God’s investment in me to be able to handle things like a big girl. When those situations arise or arrive, it’s like an internal alarm goes off alerting me that this is only a test, a test of my niceness. Some people are concerned with their “gansta” being tested. Nope, not me. Don’t test my niceness…LOL!


I’m not saying being nice is at all easy. It’s not. It’s hard as the dickens! I’m not saying I always get being nice right. I don’t. I’m human. I’m not saying being nice always fixes the situation. It doesn’t. It fixes me. I’m not even saying I’m always nice even when I know I need to be. I’m not. But being nice is necessary so I must do what’s necessary to be nice, even and especially when I don’t want to.


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