If You Love Someone Say So…

My heart is hurting this morning as I rise to find a timeline filled with news of the passing of my beloved teacher/mentor/friend Myrna Ria Ross.


It’s amazing. I can’t sing a lick and never sang in her choir, but was blessed to know and love her as a mother figure for nearly 30 years. She saw a shy, skinny little girl in the halls of Birmingham’s Ramsay High School, welcomed me into her world and helped grow me into a woman. Not to think I’m too special, I know full-well that she did the same for thousands and thousands of students over the last 35 years, most of which she still remembered by name, many of whom she was still in touch. In the last several years, the Lord saw fit to draw us closer allowing many phone calls, shared projects together, text messages, funny emails and moments in her office at the school talking about life, her roasted chicken from the toaster oven and her passion for her students and music. I’m so saddened though, because the last time we verbally talked on September 16 it ended with me saying I would swing by to see her the next week. I didn’t. I wish I had.

As I spoke with my super-sister Karla this morning about our feelings regarding Ms. Ross and the hope we have in Jesus, then reflected on the uncertainty of life and certainty of death, I was reminded of the following:

  • If you love someone say so.
  • If someone is on your mind or in your spirit reach out. And don’t stop until you reach them.
  • If you admire someone tell them.
  • If some things need repairing fix them.
  • Take time for those who matter.
  • Always find a way and a reason to laugh.
  • If someone has hurt you forgive them, and let them know they are forgiven.
  • Help others where you can and as you can.
  • Be bold in everything you do. If you believe it act like it.
  • If you say you’re going to “do lunch” do lunch.
  • If you aren’t feeling or doing well say so.
  • If you need to apologize do it.
  • Don’t be too busy being too busy.
  • Take care of yourself spirit, soul and body.
  • If you don’t like taking pictures take them anyway, and smile when you do. (Your friends and family will appreciate you.)
  • Life is too short to be unhappy.
  • Life is too long to be unhappy.
  • If God connects or reconnects you it’s for a reason. Make the most of it.
  • And from my inspiration Myrna Ria Ross, always share your life’s melody with others.

I love you, Myrna Ria. We shall sing the song of your life forever!


6 thoughts on “If You Love Someone Say So…

    • Mr.Brooks, she was truly an angel on earth. I know how special you were to her. My heart and mind can’t wrap themselves around the fact that she is gone, but my spirit rejoices because she is no longer in pain. Please offer her family my love and willingness to help however I am able. I feel like I need to do something. Know that we are praying for the students and faculty too.

  1. So sorry to read about the loss of your friend. After reading the tribute, I know she will be missed by many. I am sending prayers up for you, her family and friends. I now feel the need to say so.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear the news of her passing. My daughter was in the choir directed by Ms. Ross 2009-2012. She will truly be missed. My prayers are with the family.

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