Give Me Your Cookies


I’ve heard of Teacher of the Year, Man of the Year, Player of the Year, and a bunch of other “Others” of the Year, but one quick trip into my local Alabaster Publix introduced me to “Cookie of the Year” and my life is forever changed. (I just hope my waistline doesn’t.)

It’s no secret. I love cookies. You don’t believe me?  Just check out my past blog post C is for Cookie proving my point. Well, Nestle’ Toll House has this Salted Caramel chocolate cookie dough with semi-sweet morsels, caramel and salt which has been bestowed with the prestigious honor of “Cookie of the Year”. Rightfully so, these 24 break and bake, little extra-dark squares of dough, which, when popped into the oven, morph into round, moist cookies boldly tap dancing on every saliva-inducing taste bud in your mouth pleasing you with as much of a salty sensation as they do sweet, then oozing with the welcomed surprise of warm, rich, abundant caramel. It’s like the ultimate, opposite, best of both worlds. They’re like a paid vacation, only in your mouth.


I’d not seen these cookies before my dash into Publix so I don’t know if they’re for a limited time only or if they will last. What will last though is my desire to munch ’em down for as long as I possibly can, at least until they expand my aforementioned waistline.


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