You Bring Me Joy

Wow…did reading that blog post title take any of you back with me to Anita Baker’s 1986 smash hit off of her Rapture album? It sure did for me. As a matter of fact, hold one moment while I reflect on that serendipitous memory… (oh, chile!)


Okay, I’m back.

So what brings you joy? So many times in life it’s easier or more familiar to look at the things which cause grief, and not focus on the beautiful blessings which bring us joy. That’s certainly so in this day and age where the news and newsfeeds are flooded with things which evoke the saddest, most gut-wrenching and often times fear-inducing stories. But then there’s joy!

Be it time with family, stolen, special moments with friends, music which speaks to the soul, celebrating milestones, exercises of our faith, valuing each day of life here on earth with eyes fixed on Heaven, devouring delicious food, decorating or creating, serving others, reading captivating books, watching the sunrise and sunset, accomplishing goals, or any and everything in between, joy is one of the purest, most God-sent gifts we have.


So whatever it is which brings you joy I’d suggest you grab it by the horns and hold on for dear life knowing that joy is yours for the taking and the keeping.



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