She Said That

Facebook has granted us this little dozy of a treat in the form of the “On This Day” button. By simply logging on, clicking the button and scrolling the page, one can now see what one posted on “this day”.


It’s amazing to me to read each day things I said each year. Wow! My thoughts, emotions, focus, humor, situations, pictures and musings have been about as mixed up as a bag of assorted nuts, in a good way, or course. There has been a lot of consistency shown each year with many things staying on the radar. There has been lots of growth. There have been times when, in retrospect, I now say, “Who or what made me say that?” There are times when clearly I reserved discretion and didn’t speak my mind. (Go Girl!) There have been commentaries on pop culture, awards shows, cute men, music, family, friends, work, church, clothes, and of course food. One thing that’s been present every day is a sign of my faith, especially on days when I clearly recall it being tested.

So in the spirit of the shareage here’s what “She” as in “I” said on this day… (Side note…Notice how long I rocked with Blackberry. Geesh!!! I held on to the very end. #soloyal)


I saw a sign on 65-N this morning blaring in bright lights that we are 17 days away from Christmas.
I got excited, not just about food, and gifts and time off, but because of the birth of Jesus and this season of miracles.

Idris Elba is simply scrumptious , so captivating and speaks that real, “good English”smile emoticon

1032 people saved during the “At the Movies” series at Highlands! Go Jesus!!!

Nothing says “hot Saturday night” like homemade chili, grilled cheese and a Duck Dynasty marathon:)

Oooohhhh my…I’m not eavesdropping, but this conversation behind us at the restaurant is funny, sad and shocking all in one. I wish I could temporarily shut my ears off, but I can’t stop listening!

May the ONLY weight your heart feels this holiday be due to an OVERFLOW of love, laughter, gratefulness and peace.

Poof! Be gone to: worry, stress, loneliness, fear, financial despair, overshopping syndrome, depression, isolation, hopelessness and any other joy-jackers in your life!-Angela Moore

Find something in life to laugh about!!! I’m not talking a mere giggle, but a deep down, from within, can’t hold it in if you tried, infectious kind of laugh. Good clean humor helps! #YouDeserveJoy

Sometimes you may not feel like speaking to someone. Do it anyway:)

“Fail? Who me? Never again! Life made me grow up and now I know that failure is not an option. I was born to succeed even through struggles. I may get knocked down, but I’ll get up better than before. Others may not get it, but I got it. What I know now that I wish I’d known then is either I WIN or I WIN! For me that’s the only way. Just check my resume. Winning is in my DNA!”—Angela Moore



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