How Low Can You Go?


2015 is soon coming to a close and I’ll be honest. It’s been a growth-inducing year. In other words, it gave your girl, and many in her close circle a soul-stirring, faith-producing, temper-testing, fear-fighting, anger-squelching, emotional rollercoaster ride, run for her money, or the lack thereof (money) at times. I’m not going to dwell too much on the “only God could carry me through” details of what all 2015 served up because that’s not the point of the post. That’s for later and on a larger platform.


The point of the post is that, even though not much APPEARS TO HAVE YET changed for the better, for the last two weeks or so, this has been in my spirit, “This is as bad as it will get and AS LOW AS YOU WILL GO.”


I already know how low I can go! Praise the Lord!




Yep, that’s it, literally and figuratively. No matter what. (Now let that dance around in your spirit like a hip-hop melody.)


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