Christmas: The Remix

I took a nap and woke up to find that the traditional full, big Christmas dinner she (as in my darling Mama) fixed was replaced by hot wings, rotel dip, tuna, a Patti pie and other Happy Birthday, Jesus “party” foods.
At time of posting, 6:52pm, we haven’t opened a single gift yet. That is an extra-ordinary rarity in our household where showering each other with gifts as quickly as possible while celebrating the birth of Christ has long been a staple.
Here’s the tea…No one is complaining. We’re just as content as a hoarder in Sam’s and all feet are elevated and reclined in relaxation. We’ve evolved into some new-fanged holiday celebrators and I like it!

Christmas: The Remix 2015 edition is pretty darn swell! I hope yours is as well.


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