Who Stole My Holidays?

Let me just say, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for a job. I’m super grateful for a job which offers vacation and personal time. I’m grateful for the last couple of weeks I’ve been off, BUT I feel like someone stole my  holidays…and I want them back, or at least more of them.


So in honor of the things I have enjoyed since I clocked out on December 17th I present to you this list of things I will miss on Monday.


  1. Sleeping in, at least until 6am.
  2. Wearing leggings and jeggings everyday.
  3. Waking up to Michael Strahan. *wink, wink*
  4. Planning which Alabama shirt I would wear. #rolltide
  5. Covering my head with cute hats, sans the curling or combing.
  6. Talking on the phone at my leisure.
  7. Listening to Christmas music and my niece’s Wiz CD (Don’t tell them I said that, as I’ve convinced them I’m tired of hearing it).
  8. Watching Lacey Chabert, the girl who stars in just about every, single Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, A Different World in the morning and giggle-inducing Chrisley Knows Best marathons.
  9. Sleepovers at my parents.
  10. ESPN whenever I want it, on TVs throughout the house.
  11. Stealing cheese straws from my mother.
  12. Watching my nieces learn to skate and ride bikes.
  13. Polishing my toes purple in the middle of the day.
  14. Grimacing while riding the treadmill at the Y and not knowing if it was from the three miles I tried to get in or the scary episodes of Law and Order SVU plastered on the big screen in front of me.
  15.  Saying “Roll Tide” and “Merry Christmas” sometimes right behind each other.
  16. Sharing HILARIOUS memes and screenshots at random times during the day with my mommy, sister, aunt and cousins.
  17. Lemon Pepper Hot Wings from Alabaster Courtyard.
  18. Family holiday functions and fun with friends of old.

So, as I mentioned, there’s SO much for which I am grateful. I’m also hopeful for the future and the next time of respite and relaxation.



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