Slow Your Roll

Why are we in such a rush and who gave us the green light to press fast-forward on life? Each and every day matters, yet, often, we’re in a hurry to do everything…grow up, leave home, finish school, get married, get divorced, get a job, or quit a job. All of those levels in life may be necessary and certainly serve a purpose one way or the other, but rushing to and through them can be more than a notion.


I’m not at all a proponent of laziness or people with no vision. But rushing through the beauty of each and every day can cause us to miss things, mess things up, misconstrue things and mismanage them. Plus rushing can be utterly exhausting. You don’t know tired until you’ve seen someone running around like a “dog chasing its tail”, as we say in America.


An ancient Greek Proverb says, “One minute of patience. Ten years of peace.” Yowza! I’ve been guilty of impatience more times than I care to share. From now on, like the finest of foods prepared over time I’m choosing to slow my roll and let life marinate, simmer and slow-roast to perfection.



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