Dear February…What Just Happened?!?!?

Hallelujah, March has made it! It’s not unusual for me to be excited about the month that brings about my birthday, the birthdays of some special loved ones and friends, Spring, Spring Break and this year the celebration of Easter, the Resurrection of Christ.


But this March has been stuck in my mind like my favorite American Bandstand song from the 80’s after the month of February tried to whip me like I stole something and lied. Whew! From the death of multiple loved ones to the extended hospitalization of my dad, to fatigue (and a hint of fear), to financial finagling at my finest (I’m really proud of how I did what I did in February), to loved ones facing devastating disappointment, to house and career opportunities disguised as challenges and so on, February 2016 came out swinging like a frightened child in a swarm of bees. And it fought till the very end.


But guess what. So did I. And so did my loved ones who personally faced far greater obstacles than I did and still live to see another beautiful day marking another hope-filled month, even mustering up a smile when they can. We made it through to the here and now, and the beautiful blessing that will be March. We made it and that’s all that matters! Come to think of it, you made it too. Yippee!!!!

So with that I say, “Welcome March”. We’ve been waiting on you. Bring on your season of celebration of life (mine to be exact), promise of new beginnings marked by Spring, sign of respite as evident of Spring Break and GUARANTEE of resurrection as always noted through Easter. Not to put all of my eggs in one proverbial basket, but please March, be good to us all. After all, we’re coming out of February and need all the reprieve we can receive. Thank you. Amen.



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