Kindness All Around

I frantically typed this blog post as I sat in a nail salon waiting my turn for an enhancement to my fingernails. (Shout out to Diva Nails in Alabaster!) With time to spare, and reflecting on my drive here I realized there is kindness all around me.

It was March 17th, one day after my 44th birthday. By March 30th, my home, which has been on the market since my ex-husband left in 2010, will sale and I will finally get to move. Finally. Thank you Jesus! The problem is I don’t yet have anywhere to go.

Not to dwell on that, I will celebrate and thank God for the loved ones who’ve helped me start to sort and pack, for the ones who will travel from as far as out of town this weekend for Packapalooza 2016, for people who scour the web for rental homes on my behalf, for the friends who have offered to share their Spring Break and barely-there spare time to join in the “fun”, for those who have given toward financial expenses, for the friend of a loved one who spent hours organizing my online yard sale, for the virtual stranger, whom I’ve only known professionally, who offered me a suite in her 5 bedroom house with a separate suite and inground pool, and for those who’ve offered the power of prayer, freely shared their testimony and showered me with constant, encouraging reminders that God’s got this and me with an amazing cherry on top.


Thank you for your kindness. I pray you reap far, far more than you’ve sown.


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