Kindness All Around

I frantically typed this blog post as I sat in a nail salon waiting my turn for an enhancement to my fingernails. (Shout out to Diva Nails in Alabaster!) With time to spare, and reflecting on my drive here I realized there is kindness all around me.

It was March 17th, one day after my 44th birthday. By March 30th, my home, which has been on the market since my ex-husband left in 2010, will sale and I will finally get to move. Finally. Thank you Jesus! The problem is I don’t yet have anywhere to go.

Not to dwell on that, I will celebrate and thank God for the loved ones who’ve helped me start to sort and pack, for the ones who will travel from as far as out of town this weekend for Packapalooza 2016, for people who scour the web for rental homes on my behalf, for the friends who have offered to share their Spring Break and barely-there spare time to join in the “fun”, for those who have given toward financial expenses, for the friend of a loved one who spent hours organizing my online yard sale, for the virtual stranger, whom I’ve only known professionally, who offered me a suite in her 5 bedroom house with a separate suite and inground pool, and for those who’ve offered the power of prayer, freely shared their testimony and showered me with constant, encouraging reminders that God’s got this and me with an amazing cherry on top.


Thank you for your kindness. I pray you reap far, far more than you’ve sown.


Party on Pause

March 16th marks the BIG 44 for me. WooHoo!!!!!


This past year has been a blessing in disguise to say the least, as I’ve seen life happen at a jackrabbit’s pace, and still managed to come out of it with a smile on my face, a New Edition song in my heart and too many good days outweighing any not-so-good-right-now days.

With that said, birthdays are often major for me. I’m talking MAJOR! After all, a girl only turns whatever age she is turning once. So each year I’ve been fortunate enough to have multiple parties, too many cakes, lots of memories, great food and gifts galore. This year, however, is different, and surprisingly it’s my preference and I’m good. So I’ll pause for a moment to relish in the birthday blessings of years past. #grateful

I’ve decided to celebrate my March birthday in April. Yep, you read correctly. I’m putting my party on pause. There’s been so much going on that to take time to party seems to be a misuse of my time, plus I simply don’t have much time to offer up. Those 24 hours get zapped up like a mosquito in one of those outside bug zappers. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely plan on thanking God appropriately for another year, eating something blog-worth in honor of my special day, and accepting gifts as offered, but the biggest gift is seeing my daddy home from the hospital and on the road to healing, frantically gathering family and friends to pack my house to sell after being on the market for six WHOLE years, even more frantically searching the city (as in Alabaster, Hoover, Pelham and Helena) for a rental house within a certain small budget with a garage and at least two bedrooms in enough time to make my April sell date and starting a new part-time job so I can afford said new rental home. I got tired just typing all of that!


So as you can see, while my heart overflows with gratitude at the thought of 44 and all the AMAZING things it has in store, my plate overflows with things more pressing right now. I’m uber proud of the woman I’ve become. 34-year-old Angela would possibly have pouted on th einside at the thought of putting off partying. 24-year-old Angela would have gone into full-fledged “why me” mode. But not this sophisticated lady. I’m growing, and that is the best birthday present I can give to myself. So… Happy Birthday to me and see you in April with belated-birthday bells on and pictures as PROOF!!!!!


Have You Tried Grille 29?

Have you tried Grille 29? If not, do yourself a favor and do so.

A Friday night friend-fest with two sisters I’ve known since high school ended up with a food experience etched prominently in our minds and mouths forever. Everything was special from the first course of four-meat gumbo cooked for hours with rice perfectly plump and enough meat to feed a small brigade to the closing act of cottony-soft, warm sour cream fudge cake and vanilla bean ice cream sprinkled with sugar and all things in between including the meal of filet mignon Oscar style with lobster macaroni and cheese and roasted asparagus….herb roasted, buttermilk marinated chicken with wild rice, green beans and garlic herb jus…and scottish salmon brulee crusted with brown sugar glaze and served with the most wonderful sweet potato hash I’ve ever had and a carmalized onion on the side.

As if this meal couldn’t have gotten more magnificent, the doting wait staff, cultured atmosphere, debonair manager (who looked as if he could easily be besties with Tim Gunn) and the personalized, tableside greeting from Chef Daniel Mitchell was exactly as their slogan noted…a sophisticated sizzle. I’d like to sizzle again soon! #sizzle






Grille 29 is located in Birmingham, Alabama on the outer perimeter of Brookwood Village.

Grille 29 Birmingham

971 Brookwood Village
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Phone: (205) 783-1295

Hours of Operation:
Sunday Brunch – 10am
Sunday – Thursday – 11am – 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday – 11am – 10:30pm


Five Steps to Overcoming Crisis in Your Relationships

Originally written in 2003, I was tickled to see this post this morning following the message Pastor Chris preached at Church of the Highlands on Sunday, Marcy 6th.

Crisis is bound to come whenever two or more people of different backgrounds, experiences and opinions come together. That’s especially so in relationships like marriage, family, social media and social settings and work environments. So how do you overcome crisis?


Apply the 5 Cs


Christ-Christ is, and always should be the center of everything you think, say and do. Before you proceed in handling a crisis consult Christ via prayer and His Word to see what He has to say about the matter. Acknowledge the Lord and He will guide you through this time of crisis (Proverbs 3:6)

Communication-Once you’ve sought the Lord, communicate your matters of the heart with those involved. Bottling in your feelings is not a solution. Be sure, though, to communicate lovingly, selflessly, compassionately and spiritually. Make your words as pleasant as a honeycomb. Also, pray to the Lord that He allow you to communicate at the right time. Someone once said that the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. (Proverbs 16:24)

Counseling-The Lord places some people in our lives for the purpose of helping us overcome areas in which He has already delivered them. Seek out those persons. Whether it be a Minister, brother or sister in Christ or someone who has shared similar experiences, there is someone for everyone. When seeking Godly counsel, do know that the counsel will not always be comfortable. It may hurt and you may not want to hear it. Recognize that true Godly counsel does not always validate what you feel or think is true. In issues of relationships, it might cause you to see that the other person is not as much to blame as you would like to believe. Remember the way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise. (Proverbs 12:15)

Conviction- Allow the Lord to work on your heart to convict you toward His will for the relationship. Should you apologize? Are there some areas in your life that you have to die to? Are there outside influences that may be clouding your judgment? Spiritual conviction is not always pleasant. Just like being arrested for a crime. It’s painful. Prayerfully though, after your “arrest” you’re a better person, not willing to commit the same sins which placed you in the predicament. When you’re convicted by Christ regarding your relationship it may hurt, but it helps. Some parts of you will be challenged, but what the Lord evolves you into will be what God desires for the relationship. It will also equip you with tools to help weather other situations. (Romans 12:2)

Conversion-Conviction leaves room for conversion. A change must come. In order for you to completely weather the crisis in your relationship, someone or something has to change. It may be one of you. It may be both of you. Conversion does not equal guilt. It does not mean a green light for one spouse to criticize or point the finger at the other. It means that one or both persons was willing to allow the Lord to move in the relationship via Christ, Communication, Counseling and Conviction. Conversion means forgiving and forgetting what was and looking for what is to be. (2 Corinthians 5:17)




Atlanta Brunch Festival Takes Food and Fun to the Next Level

ATL Brunch.png

Imagine more than 60 food and beverage vendors, uber bright ATL “selfie” conducive skies, long lines for filled to the top liquid elixirs which, from what I hear were absolutely worth the wait, mind-blowing and mouth-watering food choices ranging from pork belly and french toast to duck proscuitto on buttermilk biscuits to fried pork skins to Irish-themed fish and chips to chilaquillas with fried quail eggs to shrimp and grits to chicken and waffles to red velvet pancakes to crab and shrimp ceviche to housemade sorghum glazed bacon and Every. Single. Thing. In Between. Now imagine that Saturday setting under the beautiful backdrop of Atlanta’s Historic 4th Ward Park, with perfect temperatures in the mid-60’s, the hip shaking/moonwalking sounds of Electric Avenue blasting from the stage amidst an open field and 6000 of your closest friends (as in shoulder-to-shoulder and back-to-back) and there you have the 1st Annual Atlanta Brunch Festival.


The initial installment of what must be a repeat performance was nothing less than spectacular. It was Heaven on Earth for a foodie like me. My friends and I, some of which came in from Baltimore and Charlotte just to experience the experience, were thoroughly pleased with this perfect park feast. It truly was a festival in every sense of the word. The mood was the electric. The crowd was eclectic. The food samplings were superb and the people watching at an all-time high. My one complaint, if any, is that I must wait a year in order to again enjoy all that this trendsetting event has to offer. Kudos to the organizers and the brains behind the Atlanta Brunch Festival.

Enjoy scenes of some of what I enjoyed…and make plans to be there next year. Get there early. Pay extra for VIP. Bring your best friends and your best walking shoes. Clear space on your camera and clear space on your proverbial plate for all things Atlanta Brunch Festival. Your tummy will thank you.





Dear February…What Just Happened?!?!?

Hallelujah, March has made it! It’s not unusual for me to be excited about the month that brings about my birthday, the birthdays of some special loved ones and friends, Spring, Spring Break and this year the celebration of Easter, the Resurrection of Christ.


But this March has been stuck in my mind like my favorite American Bandstand song from the 80’s after the month of February tried to whip me like I stole something and lied. Whew! From the death of multiple loved ones to the extended hospitalization of my dad, to fatigue (and a hint of fear), to financial finagling at my finest (I’m really proud of how I did what I did in February), to loved ones facing devastating disappointment, to house and career opportunities disguised as challenges and so on, February 2016 came out swinging like a frightened child in a swarm of bees. And it fought till the very end.


But guess what. So did I. And so did my loved ones who personally faced far greater obstacles than I did and still live to see another beautiful day marking another hope-filled month, even mustering up a smile when they can. We made it through to the here and now, and the beautiful blessing that will be March. We made it and that’s all that matters! Come to think of it, you made it too. Yippee!!!!

So with that I say, “Welcome March”. We’ve been waiting on you. Bring on your season of celebration of life (mine to be exact), promise of new beginnings marked by Spring, sign of respite as evident of Spring Break and GUARANTEE of resurrection as always noted through Easter. Not to put all of my eggs in one proverbial basket, but please March, be good to us all. After all, we’re coming out of February and need all the reprieve we can receive. Thank you. Amen.