Life is Unfair…and It’s Supposed to Be

Life is unfair. There. I said it. It’s life. It’s supposed to be that way so that God’s purpose and design for all the ways He chooses to show Himself strong and MIGHTY can come forth regardless of what’s unfair.

Two almost automatic components to the things in life which are not fair are complaining and blaming. Listen, I’m not casting stone or throwing shade at anyone who still relishes in the blame/complain game. I can tell you a thing or two about both, as I’ve had my fair share of unfair and, if given the human (not spiritual) green light, can lay blame like a skilled woodsman and can complain like nobody’s business. But why? What good does blaming and complaining do? What problem do they solve? I even had to ask, in my biggest, most dramatic fits of blame/complain fancy, who am I really upset with? Was it the man, woman, child, job, decision, lost dream or failed hope which angered, saddened, or defeated me or was I really, deep down inside upset with God for His plans not being my plans, as if He didn’t already tell me it was be so and as if I didn’t know that He knew what He was doing based on ALL He’d already done. He knows what He’s doing and He knows what we must go through in order to appreciate it all the more.

There’s a destructive danger in blaming and complaining that the frustration or hurt we experience during that time often blocks us from seeing. We don’t know the unfortunate seeds our blaming and complaining words sow and sprout when we least expect it. We can see it in our children who take on the same unhealthy mindset. We can see it in our lives when things line up the way God intended them to and we can recognize it because blaming and complaining have jaded our view. We can see it through the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual toll blaming and complaining takes on us (and our loved ones). We can see it in lack of peace in our lives. We can see it in not seeing what we were meant to see or have because we’ve become bitter and not ready to receive. There are so many ways our words, through blaming and complaining, can cause effects we don’t desire or deserve.

There’s good news in life and with things unfair. God is THERE…



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