Thank You, Prince


Since hearing of his death I’ve been thinking I should say something about Prince. After all, honor must be given to the man who’s song Adore was the backdrop to my first “slow dance” with about ten feet between my “date” and me at my Club G.I.O.R.G.I.O. Cotillion way back in 1987. Tribute must be paid to the man who’s music hummed me to sleep through breakups, encouraged me along through makeups, was my first pick when in charge of the music at my Birmingham, AL movie theater job and at times felt way too grown and sexy to be entering my ears yet found a place in my mind like few beats and lyrics did. Mad props must be offered to one of the few artists I truly, truly, truly attribute to providing the soundtrack to my life, right up to his latest hit, which I adored. Purple and paisley pun intended.

Prince and Me

There are so many songs, so many memories attached to the songs, so many emotions attached to the memories attached to the songs and so many reasons why I simply don’t have much to say. I’ve scrolled social media, mulled over memes, conversed on the phone, sat in front of the TV for HOURS watching music videos while working and tried to wrap my head around why this is 2nd most difficult celebrity loss for me next to Whitney Houston. I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m not sure it I want to.


Borrowing wisdom from my baby sister, I will say this. I’m organizing my list of “Must Sees”. There are people who shared their gifts and shaped my world that I want to see and NEED to see, if nothing more than to remind them that their music and their lives STILL MATTER to so many. Be it God’s will, I will, before another artist I owe a hearty, hair-sweating, hand-waving “thank you” to joins that Heavenly choir in the sky.




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