Don’t Dare Speak for Me

I’m still thinking about Prince and watching Purple Rain (again) so I’m feeling a certain way. With that said, let me say this.
I’m nowhere in the realm of “known-ness” as Prince, but decades and decades and decades from now when I go home to see sweet Jesus please know that there are people in my life who are assigned by me to speak for me. The approximate five or six of them are aware that they can speak on my behalf and about my bees-wax because they will be the ones who truly, truly know it as having been proven staples on this journey of this crazy thing called “my” life. They have permission and my request to please attach their names to the statements they make so that it’s official. That means if you hear ANYTHING about me, my life, my death (decades and decades and decades from now) or anything in between and a specific name is not attached it is NOT to automatically be believed.  Got it? Good.
As a former real journalist, who just paid off her 25-years-old student loans in early 2016, I’m so concerned about the impact of these “sources close to the star”, “unnamed source”, and “industry insider” salacious speculations which come out when someone of influence (or not) passes or has a major life challenge. People have feelings, people! I often wonder how the ones writing speculated or fabricated facts would feel if the same were said or done about or in regard to those they know and love.
People deserve to live in peace. They certainly deserve to die the same way regardless of who they are. Hopefully we’re all trying to do our best to make it out of here to the other side (Heaven, if you didn’t know). None of us need any added critics en route or unwarranted commentary upon arrival.
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