Ladies, A Man Can’t Fix It for You

#TBT Ladies, A Man Can’t Fix it For You

Life Gets Better

I’m not sure how many male followers I have on this blog. I don’t think it’s too many (yet), so I’m going to take a moment and speak to my ladies. (As I type this intro it reads in my mind like the start to a good, ol’ blues song!)


Ladies, a man can’t fix it for you. That’s as simple and plain as I can post it. Whatever it is that hurt you, hindered you, distracted you, discombobulated you, shocked you, stunted your (figurative) growth or in any way affected you in a way that God never designed it to a man can’t fix it for you. Are men wonderful? Absolutely! Are they a necessary part of our lives here on earth? You better know it! Can they make great boyfriends, husbands, fathers and friends? Without a doubt! But can they fix you? Not in a thousand years. In fact, the Man who can fix…

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