Jesus is My Final Answer (not always my first…eeek!)

A funny phone call with one of my best angels on earth tickled me as we both shared how, sometimes in life, the first internal response to the trials of life is one that, well, how shall I say this, might shock the world or at least those in our worlds. Gasp…I know!


I’ve been a Christian a long, long time. I’ve not always acted as such. Sometimes I still don’t. I’ve tried really hard to allow the word of God to control the outward display of my emotions according to scripture because I recognize that His word works, I know people are watching me as an example of Jesus, and I accept that actions in any other way cost more than I’m willing to pay. Just being honest though, there are still times which test my attempt to have God pleased with my on the spot reactions. As my dear Baltimore bestie said, “We’re human, girl. I just had to tell somebody. Don’t let who you see fool you. This is not how I always was and sometimes it’s not how I want to be, but I will be because it’s the right thing to do.”


I so get that it would appear to be much easier to just let it RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP from time to time. Oh how freeing it must feel to give somebody a piece of my mind (as if I have any to spare), or take to social media to slay (and I don’t mean in a good, fashion/make-up/model kind of way) or dispatch some of the cast of my crazies to avenge those things which I feel are not right. Don’t think I’ve never flirted with those thoughts because I have, and young girl Angela actually executed a few of them before she knew better or acted like she knew better when she knew she already knew better. Bless her heart.


With everything He’s placed within me I strive to go to God and allow Him to take me all the way on this journey called life. With that said, responding the way I know He wants me to is not always the first thought which immediately, as that shock, offense, disappointment, anger or hurt happens, comes to mind. Sometimes I have to scrape and search, reread and replay, wrestle and wrangle just to hurriedly find and use scriptures, inspiring messages, past testimonies, words of wisdom, lessons learned and anything else I can to respond as He would have me. While WWJD may not always initially flow first from my heart to my mind it makes its way there by the sweet grace of God. Better than any game show or big gamble Jesus is my final answer and HE has paid off for me.



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