Am I Being Punked?


Have you ever had one of those pop-up periods in life where life makes you desperately ask one of four questions:

  1. What in the world is going on?
  2. God, do you see what’s happening?
  3. God, when are you going to stop what’s happening?
  4. Am I being punked?

A series of conversations with a co-worker confirmed that sometimes in life life will make you ask one, all four or even more questions as things jump off seemingly out of nowhere, problems pop up seemingly with a vengeance, people change seemingly for no reason, circumstances stack up seemingly with no end, challenging posts, emails and unexpected text messages flood you seemingly with no stopping and tomfoolery or its close cousin confusion seemingly reign supreme.


So the question may be asked in a dire plea for relief or comic relief, “Am I being punked?”. I don’t think that we are necessarily being punked. I’d like to hold on for dear life like a screaming child on a high-flying, fast-paced roller coaster that we are being prepared. Prepared for what you might ask? I haven’t a clue, darling. But at the rate of the madness some of us are facing whatever is coming must be pretty darn fantabulous!


I Break For Breakfast at Urban Standard

Have you ever been to Birmingham’s Urban Standard for breakfast? If not, you should go. Why? Because it’s good!

Urban Standard is southern charm at its best with a backdrop ideal for business deals, book reading, people watching, girlfriend get-togethers or the occasional jaunt across the street to pick up a quick bite of breakfast as I’ve done a time or two. It’s located in a quaint space with beautifully welcoming décor and is convenient to downtown’s city center just off of 2nd Avenue North by the main post office. The food is fantastic! Lunch is delish, especially the Grilled Chicken Panino with extra balsamic jam, but breakfast is the real deal if you’re in the mood for fresh, cooked-to-order, often local and always yummy fare.

One morning, after rushing out of the house forgetting breakfast I decided to order my standard McEwen and Sons creamy “wipe the cheese off of your chin” organic, stoneground  grits saturated with cheese and perfectly partnered with grilled Conecuh sausage on the side. My usual (Ah-Mazing) Oatmeal Buttermilk Muffin wasn’t speaking to me like it usually does so I threw caution and calories to the wind and ordered a Chilton County Peach  cupcake. My. World. Was. Changed.

Urban Standard is a go-to as far as I’m concerned. So why don’t you go.





Please Ma’am/Sir, Don’t Cancel Your Own Order

Life Gets Better


Imagine being famished!!! Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant while famished and having the ability to order anything off of the menu that’s pleasing to your palate and fit for your consumption. Imagine all you have to do is be seated, place your order, wait on the food, eat and enjoy. Sounds good, huh? Well, imagine what the owner of the restaurant, who is offering up your all-you-can-eat, at no cost meal to you would think if, as soon as you ordered you cancelled the order, then ordered, then cancelled, then ordered, then cancelled again. Ummm, yep, I don’t think he’d be too happy with that and you’d still be starving.


That’s a lot like life. So many times we choose to cancel our own orders with our own words then we get mad or discouraged when what we wanted isn’t received.

  • We’ll ask God for a good mate then…

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Speak Up, Girls

For my ladies and little ladies…
I’m humbled to have the opportunity to be able to serve as a mentor, especially to young girls and women. It saddens me when, after being asked a question or presented with a problem, their answer is “never mind”, or “It doesn’t matter”, “It’s okay” or “I don’t know” when clearly there is something burning, simmering or stewing inside waiting , deserving and needing to come out. It’s like at that moment, their minds, the media, something passed on or something looked over tells them their voice and views don’t matter.
Of late, with all going on in this country and some collective things a bit closer to home, I’ve been grappling with the when, where, how and how often to use my God-given voice, particularly about those things I know to be unfair, unhealthy, or plain ol’ wrong. The tango in my head between “should I speak up or should I stay silent” has happened one too many times, and to be honest, it shouldn’t have. I take full responsibility for that knowing that the answer is, yes, whether right away or in the appropriate time, I should speak up, speak out or speak on it…whatever the “it” may be in the way most productive to get my point across for the sake of the greater good. I can only imagine that if I have that challenge from time to time some of my younger or less mature sisters must entertain those silencing thoughts all the more.
Through the wonderful power of Pinterest I’m so grateful for this reminder, and the voice God has given. I truly am. What I realize now more than ever is that the ability of others to hear and understand my voice is not my concern. My charge is to use my voice to the best of my ability. My story counts. My views count. My perspective counts. My vantage point counts. My process counts and my opinions count, whether liked, approved, understood or not. Period.

Peace, My People

So much is going on in the world, big and small. Friends, loved ones and colleagues are reeling from politics, surprise separations, health challenges, financial struggles, job transitions and so much more. I don’t recall my prayer list being this long in a long time. Like for real. In the midst of it all, I thank God for His word which promises peace. I will let my Lord and Savior speak to and comfort us instead. I’m so grateful for God’s word, now more than ever.