He’ll Give You What You Want When You Need It

This flashback from 2013 is the perfect reminder of God’s perfect timing.

Life Gets Better


In December of 2012, I purchased a Groupon for a trip to Destin, Florida. Known by many as one of my favorite vacation spots, the Groupon allowed two nights stay for the price of one at one of the premier resorts in town.

More than four times between December and March I tried to redeem the Groupon before the increased value option ended. One time was cancelled because I was sick. Another time was cancelled because my nieces were sick. Another time was cancelled because the temperature in Florida was colder than it was in Alabama. Lastly, the final time it was cancelled was due to threats of severe weather.

I’d decided in my mind that even though I REALLY, REALLY wanted to go to Destin, the timing obviously wasn’t right. Fast forward several months and on a whim, in desperate need of a getaway, a few family members and I…

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