Am I Being Punked?


Have you ever had one of those pop-up periods in life where life makes you desperately ask one of four questions:

  1. What in the world is going on?
  2. God, do you see what’s happening?
  3. God, when are you going to stop what’s happening?
  4. Am I being punked?

A series of conversations with a co-worker confirmed that sometimes in life life will make you ask one, all four or even more questions as things jump off seemingly out of nowhere, problems pop up seemingly with a vengeance, people change seemingly for no reason, circumstances stack up seemingly with no end, challenging posts, emails and unexpected text messages flood you seemingly with no stopping and tomfoolery or its close cousin confusion seemingly reign supreme.


So the question may be asked in a dire plea for relief or comic relief, “Am I being punked?”. I don’t think that we are necessarily being punked. I’d like to hold on for dear life like a screaming child on a high-flying, fast-paced roller coaster that we are being prepared. Prepared for what you might ask? I haven’t a clue, darling. But at the rate of the madness some of us are facing whatever is coming must be pretty darn fantabulous!


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