Now is Not the Time

As I sit waiting on my parents for a doctor’s appointment with my dad and look at the stately sassy, senior named Blanche waiting on someone to meet her for an appointment, and as she twiddles her feet with the worn look of decades of life on her face, a smile and age-old elegance and dignity still shines through despite the wheelchair which holds her and the reason which might have changed her way of life. I don’t know Blanche from Adam. I don’t know her story, but I do know that, from the looks of things, she is still hanging in there. Her hair is coiffed to perfection. Her wrinkles are rouged ever so correctly. Her matching leisure wear is matching her cute shoes and neutral handbag. She has decided to show up, in spite of the reasons which have caused her to be here.

So, to you I say, take a page out of the Book of Blanche and hang in there. Now is not the time to get bitter, become a cynic, doubt God, fall out with your faith (i.e the church), blame God for the actions of people, turn to unhealthy and unproductive coping mechanisms, get out of character, get out of line with people sent or meant to help you ( whether the can or not), think you’re being punished, think things won’t get better, lose sleep, bite your lips or fingertips, nervously twist your hair to no end (literally), or QUIT.

You’re in it now, my loves. Through the pain, frustrations, disappointment, embarrassment, financial struggles, fear, or unfulfilled desires for you and yours, again, take a cue from Blanche and sit back, twiddle your feet, put your best face on, and hang in there. @AngelaMichele316


Galley and Garden

Rarely comes the opportunity to WOW  me with cuisine, ambiance, tastiness, coziness, elegance, newness and feeling far from home while being right in my figurative backyard all at the same time. I felt that and then some during in impromptu Girls Night Out because it’s pay day and been a long week experience while dining at Galley and Garden.   The stately restaurant is located in the heart of Birmingham’s Highlands district and is a sight to behold upon approach. The building is simply beautiful. The staff is engaging, attentive and so very knowledgeable about their offerings. The menu is one which might stretch your palate and your pocketbook, but it will be worth every single drop and every single dime, even if you have to tilt the bowl of ice cream over to enjoy the last of its cool, tongue-tingling, lusciousness.

Wood-fired Manchester Farms Quail
Wood-fired Manchester farms quail with fingerlings, foraged chanterelles, prosciutto, pistou and scuppernong jam


Southern fry basket of gulf oysters, okra and green tomatoes
Southern fry basket with gulf oysters, green tomato and okra


Pork Belly Flatbread with thomasville tomme, peach bbq, corn and jalapenos.jpg
Pork belly flatbread


Maine Lobster and Ravioli with bacon, mushrooms, boursin and cuttlefish ink aioli.jpg
Maine Lobster and Ravioli with bacon, mushrooms, boursin and cuttlefish ink aioli






White Chocolate and Blueberry Bread Pudding with Cream Angaliese and Creme Fraiche
White chocolate and blueberry bread pudding with cream angaliese and crème fraiche



Ice Cream
Homemade Ice cream just before it was covered with Sherry Wine (I hear is was the “Best. Thing. Ever”)



Me. Happy and Content.
Me… Happy and Content.

Life Goes On

The beauty of life is that it goes on. No matter where you are, or what you’ve faced… be it death, divorce, sickness, setbacks, mess or mistakes as long as you’re still living there’s still LIFE left to LIVE. Like, for real. There is still life left to live.


Sometimes the world’s view, our thoughts, our circumstances, the media and generational mindsets might try to convince us that our worst days were God’s final curtain call. That is the furthest thing from the truth! The show must, will and can go on and get better! So can you. You simply have to choose life daily despite your circumstances. In fact, it’s from those unbelievable, heart-wrenching, unwanted, uncomfortable, and downright unfair trials of life that our God shines, and allows that same shine on you and through you for the world to see allowing you to grow and glow at the same time. He’s that GOOD! And the icing on the proverbial triple chocolate, seven-layer, mega-moist, and surprisingly low-calorie cake is that you don’t have to wait for the pain or the process to be over before you live. You can can live life as if it were its BEST even on its way to becoming just that.


I Hope My Ex Wins the Lottery…or something like it

Life Gets Better

Lottery BallsI hope my ex wins the lottery. I do. I really do. Call me crazy or call me comical, but I’m so very serious.  Let me clear this quickly before I proceed. I have many exes. (Hey now, don’t judge.)  So I’m not singling anyone out. This is for every, single one of them.

I have an ex-husband, whom I am still connected to through final divorce decrees, and the spiritual children we share. While we haven’t spoken in years, I’m not sure of his stance on playing the Powerball, but I do still want him blessed because at one time we were connected and are still connected due to the aforementioned important matters and people. I also have ex-boyfriends and ex-“We don’t know what we called ourselves” whom, some of them, I gratefully call friend. (Hey, y’all, as you read this blog). Honey, I KNOW their stance on the Powerball, Mega Millions…

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Work is Not Your World

A recent conversation with a loved one sharing work challenges (i.e. inter-office drama) called forth the simple statement “Work is not your world”. As I listened to the story and shared my spin those words rang true at that moment as they have for me so many times before, “Work is not your world.”


One of the things which can disturb us like few is discord on the job. Whether it be being unappreciated, not being compensated properly, inequity in titles or treatment, being treated unfairly or viewed unfavorably, being overworked, not being heard or well-received, lack of support for advancement or plain ol’ mess with groups and/or individuals, a lot of us spend a LOT of time at work hopefully because something we do is something we love to do. To have drama in the midst of having to do what we researched on, applied for, interviewed for, prayed about, told our loved ones about, posted on, prepared for and committed to show up to do is a bummer, a real bummer.


The good news is, “work is not your world.” It’s as simple as that. Yes, the environment might be uncomfortable. Yes, the people might be “interesting”. Yes, people might be paid more than you for less work than you do. Yes, you might have envisioned yourself being further along or somewhere else way before this point in time. Yes, your boss might be totally wrong in his/her actions. Yes, systems might not be in place which need to be. Yes. Yes. Yes to all of that which might be going on, BUT “work is not your world.”  So with that said:

  • Pray before you go to work, while there and when you leave.
    • Place your “challenges and challengers” at the top of the list in a sincere, God-approved way, of course.
  • Do your best, especially in times of challenge.
    • There is never a good time for slacking, but when trouble is brewing is certainly not the time as you want to maintain your excellence and perception of excellence at all times (in other words, don’t give your challengers or challenges any proof that they were right.)
  • Get a life…outside of work.
    • Be sociable, but don’t find all your friends at work. Don’t put all of your eggs in the proverbial job basket.
  • Learn all you can about what to do and what not to do in leadership while there.
  • Avoid the water cooler or coffeepot talk about the negative things going on as to not let it further frustrate you.
  • Don’t get caught up in the unprofessional actions or reactions of others.
  • Ask God why you are still there and be open to the wonderful reasons why even if they don’t feel like it.
  • Go home when it’s time and leave work where it belongs.
  • When challenged by situations revolving around co-workers or work-related scenarios think of your loved ones and who and what really matters.
    • Do not, I repeat. Do not ever forget that your job is just a resource. There’s a Source so much bigger than your 9am to 5pm, 11pm to7am or 4am to 4pm. God’s got you! He knows what He’s doing, why He’s doing it, what He’s allowing, how it’s working for your good and when He’s going to move you up, move you out or move you right on up out of there.



Sometimes People Don’t Like You

Between the social media attacks on celebrities like the AMAZING Gabby Douglas, having young nieces and nephews going through the trials of life also known as growing up, remembering my own childhood and reflecting on my more recent adulthood I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes people don’t like you. Gasp! I know that’s shocking.


It’s as simple as that. Sometimes people don’t like you. Now, I’m not talking about those things about you which you know (or maybe need to know) needs some serious work from On High. I’m talking the no explanation given, and none coming kinds of people who simply don’t like you because they don’t (even though we know there’s usually a reason and it’s often something which has nothing to do with you). Sometimes people simply don’t like you for absolutely no fathomable or reasonable reason at all. Guess what. That’s okay. That’s their problem. That’s their loss and that’s not reflective of you.


Too much investment of time in wondering and wanting to know why can become consuming. Too much talk about it can cause internal chaos. Too much defense of it can become contaminating. Too much thinking about it can become crippling. BUT just enough confidence in who you are and how awesome God made you, coupled with sympathy or empathy for whatever must be going on in their lives and minds, added to the right amount of focus on those who absolutely like and love you, mixed with a willingness to pray for them and forgive even before they come to their senses or not, and a big, hearty dose of that inner “I can’t be bothered” is the anecdote to dealing with the imperfect people who don’t like the imperfect you.