Life Is a Celebration

Life Gets Better

I hear often people say things like, “You’re always doing something”, or “You have so much fun”, or “Do you ever slow down”. My answers are often, “Yes. Yes. And Nope.” Unapologetically, I will turn any appropriate event into a party, celebration, event, shindig, soiree’ or picture-taking, memory-making occasion. There are reasons for why I do what I do that’s probably explained in a blog post or two. By no means has my life been perfect, easy, fair, or fun all the time, but the general gist of things is that life, in my eyes, is a celebration and there’s no need for me to be here and not enjoy it to the fullest. Life is a celebration and we all received an invitation.


So yes, I will make a trip to Wal-Mart look and feel like an upscale shopping spree in West Palm Beach’s CityPlace. No, I don’t mind stretching $8 to make it…

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