Sometimes People Don’t Like You

Between the social media attacks on celebrities like the AMAZING Gabby Douglas, having young nieces and nephews going through the trials of life also known as growing up, remembering my own childhood and reflecting on my more recent adulthood I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes people don’t like you. Gasp! I know that’s shocking.


It’s as simple as that. Sometimes people don’t like you. Now, I’m not talking about those things about you which you know (or maybe need to know) needs some serious work from On High. I’m talking the no explanation given, and none coming kinds of people who simply don’t like you because they don’t (even though we know there’s usually a reason and it’s often something which has nothing to do with you). Sometimes people simply don’t like you for absolutely no fathomable or reasonable reason at all. Guess what. That’s okay. That’s their problem. That’s their loss and that’s not reflective of you.


Too much investment of time in wondering and wanting to know why can become consuming. Too much talk about it can cause internal chaos. Too much defense of it can become contaminating. Too much thinking about it can become crippling. BUT just enough confidence in who you are and how awesome God made you, coupled with sympathy or empathy for whatever must be going on in their lives and minds, added to the right amount of focus on those who absolutely like and love you, mixed with a willingness to pray for them and forgive even before they come to their senses or not, and a big, hearty dose of that inner “I can’t be bothered” is the anecdote to dealing with the imperfect people who don’t like the imperfect you.



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