Now is Not the Time

As I sit waiting on my parents for a doctor’s appointment with my dad and look at the stately sassy, senior named Blanche waiting on someone to meet her for an appointment, and as she twiddles her feet with the worn look of decades of life on her face, a smile and age-old elegance and dignity still shines through despite the wheelchair which holds her and the reason which might have changed her way of life. I don’t know Blanche from Adam. I don’t know her story, but I do know that, from the looks of things, she is still hanging in there. Her hair is coiffed to perfection. Her wrinkles are rouged ever so correctly. Her matching leisure wear is matching her cute shoes and neutral handbag. She has decided to show up, in spite of the reasons which have caused her to be here.

So, to you I say, take a page out of the Book of Blanche and hang in there. Now is not the time to get bitter, become a cynic, doubt God, fall out with your faith (i.e the church), blame God for the actions of people, turn to unhealthy and unproductive coping mechanisms, get out of character, get out of line with people sent or meant to help you ( whether the can or not), think you’re being punished, think things won’t get better, lose sleep, bite your lips or fingertips, nervously twist your hair to no end (literally), or QUIT.

You’re in it now, my loves. Through the pain, frustrations, disappointment, embarrassment, financial struggles, fear, or unfulfilled desires for you and yours, again, take a cue from Blanche and sit back, twiddle your feet, put your best face on, and hang in there. @AngelaMichele316


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