Are You Grown or Have You Grown Up?

In today’s day and age, a great deal of emphasis is often placed on being “grown”. I know you’ve likely heard it as I have, “I’m a grown “a” woman”, “I don’t have time for that. I’m grown”, “He ought to know better. He’s good and grown”, or ” She’s too old for that. She’s grown”. Let me help you with appropriately adjusting your expectations of people. Being “grown” is good when your behavior backs up your birthday. I’d like to argue that having “grown up” is better than being “grown”!


Having grown up shows that your age and actions are aligned. Having grown up shows that the actions of others don’t negatively affect your reactions.  Having grown up warrants selfless and responsible responses to responsibilities, feedback, setbacks and handling your business in a way that just being grown doesn’t. Having grown up shows that you no longer let people get in your head, especially when they aren’t putting anything in your pocket. Having grown up shows that, even in the face of adversity, you take the high road knowing that it’s called “high” for a reason. Because it takes you somewhere!




I Love You, Black Man

I’m praying for the day where posts like this aren’t needed, and certainly aren’t needed to be reposted in just two months.

Life Gets Better

Already tired from a way-too-long day and not-enough-sleep night I rose to scroll social media and found that yet another black man has been robbed of his place and purpose on earth at the hands of the police, those who should protect and serve. I won’t go into that much because I’m simply exhausted about and by it all. I will and did reflect on a post  I wrote called WhatAre You Going to Do? ( which was written in December 2014 following the events surrounding the murder of Eric Garner.


A short while ago I had the privilege to visit the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American Historyin Detroit, Michigan. The walking, interactive tour through time took an unexpected turn for the worse as I exited the beautiful scenes from Africa where we had order, rules and regulations, commerce, products and produce, systems and structures, families and tribes…

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I Don’t Want to Be Here

I don’t want to be here. There, I said it. I said it for you and me too. I know you might not be able to publicly say that sometimes you don’t want to be at your job, with your spouse, in your family, around your kids, among your friends, involved in relationships which might have ended but the common ground  like children or court remain, in your current physical condition and especially in your current financial position. I get it. I’ve been there. I am there in a few areas. But we’re here.


We’re here for a reason, peeps. Why, you might ask. I don’t know for sure, but I do know:

  • We’re still where we are to grow, and GROW UP for where we’re going.
  • We’re still where we are to receive help from those assigned to assist.
  • We’re still where we are to help others, even while we’re still where we are.
  • We’re still where we are until we meet, see, do, get or give exactly what we need to specifically and purposefully turn the page to the next chapter.
  • We’re still where we are to be able to have things to look back and laugh at sooner than we think. (And I’m talking those cheek-stretching, eye-watering, stomach-hurting laughs)
  • We’re still where we are to build up some spiritual fortitude which we will need later on.
  • We’re still where we are so that others who see us can see us when we get to where we’re going and know where we’ve been and be inspired that they can get there too.
  • We’re still where we are to show the world how to feel stuck , trust God, exemplify a positive attitude, still smile…and mean it.



Help Me Come Up

Let’s just be real. We all are meant to be bigger, better, greater, more effective, more philanthropic, more influential, more generous, more impactful and more than we are. That’s the designed progression of life meant to use our steps, walk, journey, falls, bumps in the road, hurdles, hiccups and eventual come ups to bless God and His people. Any other purpose is null and void, whether we know it or not.

The challenge with knowing that more is the order of the day in our lives is knowing what to do until that day actually gets to our lives. I’ve learned, and have a feeling I’m about to learn even more that the best thing to do when waiting to “be” is hook up and link up with those who have already been what we’re trying to be. Those are the ones sent and meant to help us come up. Enough of the stagnation and overwhelming feeling of “there must be more so I can be more so I can have more so I can give more.” It’s about time to come up. It’s time. I can feel it.


Gone are the days of the Lone Ranger syndrome where we can be comfortable with the notion that life alone is the way to arrive to life meant to be. Adios to the notion of “I don’t need nobody up in my business”. Yes, I know that sentence is as grammatically incorrect as it is actually inaccurate. Bye, bye to the thought of “I don’t need anybody. I can’t trust anybody and I don’t have anybody.” Those are lies. Lies, I tell ya.


So while we’re working and praying and waiting on being who we know we were born to be, we must be about the never-ending business of soaking up every, single nugget of wisdom, excellence, examples, support, best practices, avoidable pitfalls and transformative testimonies we can from those who are already. Now that’s a come up, kid.



Daddy’s Going Home

TODAY is the day!
After more than a month of his second stint in the hospital/rehab facility, my dad is finally going home.!!!!! He has come so far and has a long way to go, BUT he’ll be getting there from his favorite red chair in his very own house. Praise the Lord!
I must stop and celebrate my mom Angenetta Scott through this journey. She has been there the entire time, every day, all day, overnight, taking care of their home and helping her husband at the same time with a smile on her face, patience in her demeanor, and overflowing love in her heart which encouraged other people even as she was the one who should have been being encouraged. I can’t imagine all she has experienced during this process which started on President’s on a cold, rainy February morning. As the ultimate “Mama Bear” she still shields us from as much as she can, but I know there was a struggle the last several months to help her “boo” get his feet firmly planted on the road to healing.  She is my hero!
Sometimes we have a myth about marriage believing that it’s all fun and frolicling. Ha! In sickness and in health is not a joke. It happens, more often than not. The response in times of trouble is what solidifies some and sinks others and I know that first-hand. Real marriage is so much more than many may know, especially when it’s HARD as the dickens. It’s not about being boo’d up, getting a big ring, meeting some internal timeline, having unlimited bedtime fun (you get my drift), looking good in pictures, having cute kids, or trying to fill the void of loneliness. And for a woman, it’s definitely not just having a man. Marriage is about God-designed purpose, hard work, enduring affection, overcoming obstacles which would take others out, intense praying, sacrifice, unwavering faith and unconditional love. That, ladies and gentlemen is what marriage is all about. I salute you, mommy.

Salute to My Daddy, My Hero

On the eve of your 72nd birthday I peep at you from the corner of my right eye as you twiddle your thumbs from your wheelchair, your new best bud. I’ve laughed at you today, laughed with you today and been scared out of my ever-loving mind as I walked into your current home away from home to the repeated phrases, “Oh my goodness! Your daddy walked out here by himself without his walker.” I panicked on the inside, being sure not  show it on the outside as I entered in your room to find you smiling and playing with your food.

Boy-oh-boy! This year has been a doozy, Daddy. Gone are the days of you taking me as a toddler to the bar with you, perching me on the counter as you sipped your favorite elixir. (Don’t you dare judge. This was the 70s where life was easy-breezy…LOL!) Passed are the days where you called me by my nickname of “Bird” because I didn’t have hair and had legs as skinny as a bird. (Can I find my skinny legs again???) Long ago are the days where we went toe-to-toe about my curfew, my “boo” of choice, my smart mouth and your stubbornness which someone found its way to me. (I’m so glad I came to my senses with the help of neighborhood trees and your “discipline”…LOL!) Far seems the day, of less than a year ago when you helped carry and put up a Christmas tree wider and much taller than your 6ft 3inch+ frame.

Many things have changed. But what hasn’t changed is your awe-inspiring statue and spirit. In all my life I’ve never seen you weak, even now, as I type with two hands, continuing to keep an eye on you as if you’re a newborn, but super respectful of the fact that you are a good and grown man.  Even in your sickness you are
“that dude”. You’ve always been the strongest, smartest, kindest, flyest, funniest, most family-oriented, hardest working, most fiscally sound, richest (yep, I said richest), most generous, most knowledgeable, historically astute man I’ve known. And now, as sickness tries with immenent failure to dull your shine just a teeny tiny bit, I’m grateful that NOTHING, not even illness can change the fact that you are STILL the strongest, smartest, kindest, flyest, funniest, most family-oriented, hardest working, most fiscally sound, richest (yep, I said richest), most generous, most knowledgeable, and historically astute man I know.


I made a combined photo of us from the past and present. What’s changed? Not much at all. You’re still “that dude”. For all of my life, like the picture on the left you’ve had my back. From hence forth, like the picture on the right, I’ll have yours.


Bird AKA @AngelaMMoore316





Shush Up and Trust God

Life Gets Better

Have you ever wanted to get something off of your chest so badly that the thought of launching a verbal private and/or public dissertation in defense of whatever you deemed to be wrong seemed like the right thing to do? I have. I was talking to a loved one about my pet peeves recently. Three of the top ones include feeling like my voice is not being heard, being misunderstood and misrepresented with no opportunity to shed light, and seeing others assume the worst first in others and/or me. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. When those things transpire my gut reaction is to put a rebuttal or proactive pose in action. Sometimes that way of response has proven well, and made things better. Other times, not so much.

Anywho, that’s where I am today regarding some matters that matter. Yesterday I was ready to take a cue…

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