Daddy’s Going Home

TODAY is the day!
After more than a month of his second stint in the hospital/rehab facility, my dad is finally going home.!!!!! He has come so far and has a long way to go, BUT he’ll be getting there from his favorite red chair in his very own house. Praise the Lord!
I must stop and celebrate my mom Angenetta Scott through this journey. She has been there the entire time, every day, all day, overnight, taking care of their home and helping her husband at the same time with a smile on her face, patience in her demeanor, and overflowing love in her heart which encouraged other people even as she was the one who should have been being encouraged. I can’t imagine all she has experienced during this process which started on President’s on a cold, rainy February morning. As the ultimate “Mama Bear” she still shields us from as much as she can, but I know there was a struggle the last several months to help her “boo” get his feet firmly planted on the road to healing.  She is my hero!
Sometimes we have a myth about marriage believing that it’s all fun and frolicling. Ha! In sickness and in health is not a joke. It happens, more often than not. The response in times of trouble is what solidifies some and sinks others and I know that first-hand. Real marriage is so much more than many may know, especially when it’s HARD as the dickens. It’s not about being boo’d up, getting a big ring, meeting some internal timeline, having unlimited bedtime fun (you get my drift), looking good in pictures, having cute kids, or trying to fill the void of loneliness. And for a woman, it’s definitely not just having a man. Marriage is about God-designed purpose, hard work, enduring affection, overcoming obstacles which would take others out, intense praying, sacrifice, unwavering faith and unconditional love. That, ladies and gentlemen is what marriage is all about. I salute you, mommy.

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