Help Me Come Up

Let’s just be real. We all are meant to be bigger, better, greater, more effective, more philanthropic, more influential, more generous, more impactful and more than we are. That’s the designed progression of life meant to use our steps, walk, journey, falls, bumps in the road, hurdles, hiccups and eventual come ups to bless God and His people. Any other purpose is null and void, whether we know it or not.

The challenge with knowing that more is the order of the day in our lives is knowing what to do until that day actually gets to our lives. I’ve learned, and have a feeling I’m about to learn even more that the best thing to do when waiting to “be” is hook up and link up with those who have already been what we’re trying to be. Those are the ones sent and meant to help us come up. Enough of the stagnation and overwhelming feeling of “there must be more so I can be more so I can have more so I can give more.” It’s about time to come up. It’s time. I can feel it.


Gone are the days of the Lone Ranger syndrome where we can be comfortable with the notion that life alone is the way to arrive to life meant to be. Adios to the notion of “I don’t need nobody up in my business”. Yes, I know that sentence is as grammatically incorrect as it is actually inaccurate. Bye, bye to the thought of “I don’t need anybody. I can’t trust anybody and I don’t have anybody.” Those are lies. Lies, I tell ya.


So while we’re working and praying and waiting on being who we know we were born to be, we must be about the never-ending business of soaking up every, single nugget of wisdom, excellence, examples, support, best practices, avoidable pitfalls and transformative testimonies we can from those who are already. Now that’s a come up, kid.



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