No Regrets

Life Gets Better

As we look forward to a new year, many sadly look back in regret. A new year with unfulfilled hopes, delayed promises and feeling like love, joy, blessings and/or peace have abandoned them may have some considering giving up. (Don’t give up.) It’s funny, reflecting on the close of a year can seem to some like a circus-worthy balancing act between expectation, exhaustion and utter embarrassment. It can cause you to wonder if the memo on THIS IS MY YEAR didn’t make it to your mailbox, email address, bank account, student loan account, relationship status box, SMS, DM or BM (if you still rock with Blackberry.) That can be frustrating and discouraging. That’s not how life is meant to be lived, regardless of what the calendar says.


We can’t live in regret and truly live. Yes, we all make mistakes in the form of words we wish we could take back, actions we desire to…

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I Owe You, Girl

One year later and this post is more profound to me than ever.

Life Gets Better

A funny thing happened to my Hotmail account. It flashed back to 2008 and is permanently stuck there on my phone, totally disregarding all other correspondence from then until now. While deleting several dozen emails representing My Life: Phase 1 I found some old pictures from way back in the 90s.

Let me just say, the Lord has a sense of humor. The few pictures which stuck out most were ones of me at some of my career highs and personal lows in My Life: Phase 1. I looked at them with an equal amount of overwhelming proudness from the woman I saw, as if she wasn’t me. I looked at them also as a reminder of who I really am, what I’m made of, from where I’ve come and Who’s in control. (Not to mention I LOVE the spark of sass I saw even through the grainy-ness of those forgotten…

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Santa, I Need Your Knee

Hot off the press (again): Santa, I Need Your Knee
Santa heard my plea for his knee:
In 2016 I got an all-expense paid trip to California in April, broke ALL THE WAY UP with Navient/Sallie Mae this year, got a new fancy-smancy laptop and have a house

Life Gets Better

Dear Portly Provider,

I need your knee. I have a list of needs, well, not needs, but major wants which I want to run by you. I’d like to plop right down on your sturdiest of red velvet covered legs to share this list.

I know there are important things in this world like peace and unity on earth, help for the impoverished, financial stability for those in need, curing of diseases, love, joy, and kindness which matter much more. I’m not even putting that pressure on you though. Jesus has that covered. However, I’m just dropping this little list off for you with hopes that you’ll do the same for me. Get it? As in, you dropping these gifts off under my not-yet-put-up Christmas tree.


Anywho, wanna know what I want? Here it goes:

  • An all-expenses paid, fun, long, money flowing, fear-free (I’m not trying to deal with any “we hate America” issues) trip to…

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