No Regrets

Life Gets Better

As we look forward to a new year, many sadly look back in regret. A new year with unfulfilled hopes, delayed promises and feeling like love, joy, blessings and/or peace have abandoned them may have some considering giving up. (Don’t give up.) It’s funny, reflecting on the close of a year can seem to some like a circus-worthy balancing act between expectation, exhaustion and utter embarrassment. It can cause you to wonder if the memo on THIS IS MY YEAR didn’t make it to your mailbox, email address, bank account, student loan account, relationship status box, SMS, DM or BM (if you still rock with Blackberry.) That can be frustrating and discouraging. That’s not how life is meant to be lived, regardless of what the calendar says.


We can’t live in regret and truly live. Yes, we all make mistakes in the form of words we wish we could take back, actions we desire to…

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