Life Goes On

Life Gets Better

The beauty of life is that it goes on. No matter where you are, or what you’ve faced… be it death, divorce, sickness, setbacks, mess or mistakes as long as you’re still living there’s still LIFE left to LIVE. Like, for real. There is still life left to live.


Sometimes the world’s view, our thoughts, our circumstances, the media and generational mindsets might try to convince us that our worst days were God’s final curtain call. That is the furthest thing from the truth! The show must, will and can go on and get better! So can you. You simply have to choose life daily despite your circumstances. In fact, it’s from those unbelievable, heart-wrenching, unwanted, uncomfortable, and downright unfair trials of life that our God shines, and allows that same shine on you and through you for the world to see allowing you to grow and glow at the same time. He’s that…

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Work is Not Your World

Life Gets Better

A recent conversation with a loved one sharing work challenges (i.e. inter-office drama) called forth the simple statement “Work is not your world”. As I listened to the story and shared my spin those words rang true at that moment as they have for me so many times before, “Work is not your world.”


One of the things which can disturb us like few is discord on the job. Whether it be being unappreciated, not being compensated properly, inequity in titles or treatment, being treated unfairly or viewed unfavorably, being overworked, not being heard or well-received, lack of support for advancement or plain ol’ mess with groups and/or individuals, a lot of us spend a LOT of time at work hopefully because something we do is something we love to do. To have drama in the midst of having to do what we researched on, applied for, interviewed for, prayed about…

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Divorce 101: Stay Connected


Life Gets Better

Have you ever wondered how others have come out of the throes of divorce sooner, more whole or even better than they once were? I know I wondered that when I found myself on the other end of that unexpected news and lengthy legal documents years ago. Not that the devastation instantly disappears, and certainly not to imply that healing means we’ve never hurt, but there are things we can do to help through the process to wholeness.

I remember being at a  “chat and chew” with some divorcees. As we munched on food, served up support and shared our “war stories” we offered similar insights on what it takes to make it through what surely no man or woman ever expects to happen. Though our situations were all totally different, and the lengths of time we’d been divorced varied an overriding theme was the importance of staying connected. That’s right, it’s as complicatedly simple as that.

Divorce in itself…

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